ThirdEye Print Error Detection

Visionary print error detection system

The ThirdEye provides 100% leaflet inspection for blank sheet detection, image recognition, 1D and 2D barcode reading, optical character recognition (OCR), double-sheet detection, splice detection and glue detection. High-speed inspection (up to 15m/s) featuring Cognex lenses for unrivalled ease of use.

Product security and peace of mind

What would be the impact on your business if your customers received rogue or unprinted leaflets in their order? This one-box solution is expertly installed and integrated onto existing machinery and ensures product security and peace of mind. We offer a range of packages with finance options to suit your use and budget.

Kit prices from £2,500

Contact us to discuss which package will suit your specific requirements and we will prepare an accurate proposal. We offer finance through our preferred leasing partners. Read more here

Kit One

[ThirdEye with blank sheet detection]

This system 100% checks that leaflets have printed on both sides prior to being folded. This ensures that no blank leaflets are sent to the customer.

Kit Two

[ThirdEye with image recognition and blank sheet detection]

This system ensures that the correct leaflet goes through the machine and that it has print on both sides, so no rogue or blank leaflets go to the customer. The machine will stop if a leaflet is fed upside down or reversed.

Kit Three

[ThirdEye with double-sided image recognition]

This system gives the same as Kit Two but with the added security of checking the image on both sides of every leaflet. This system makes setting up and monitoring of the leaflets a lot easier.

Kit Four

[ThirdEye with image recognition and bar code reading]

The benefits of Kit Two but with the added ability of barcode reading, if the bar code remains visible as it traverses the folding machine. The most recognised verification method accepted by pharmaceutical companies.

Kit Five

[ThirdEye with two-sided image recognition and bar code reading]

This is the ultimate system featuring image detection for both sides of the leaflet and bar code reading. This system will give maximum customer confidence.

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